Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is the Dividend 15 split, and how does it work? Pt.1

I was looking at some of the higher (highest) dividend yielding stocks, and this one caught my eye. It's called the 'Dividend 15' or 'Dividend 15 split'. It is currently yielding 10.42% - Which is pretty high for a dividend stock.

Ok Jack, so where do I buy this amazing stock?

Hold on, you can't just buy a stock without learning about it.

The 'Dividend 15' 'stocks' are actually funds that hold a handful of some of canada's best yielding, but most reliable stocks. These companies are the kind that have large operations, and most would call them 'blue-chip', due to the large number of economic 'moats' that protect them from their competitors.

A sampling is as follows:

Bank of Montreal National Bank of Canada Sun Life Financial
Bank of Nova Scotia CI Financial Corp. TELUS Corporation
CIBC BCE Inc. Thomson Corporation
Royal Bank Manulife Financial TransAlta Corporation
Toronto-Dominion Bank Enbridge Inc. TransCanada Corp

All of these companies are big, having many billions of dollars in girth, and are unlikely to drop off the face of the earth, like we always hear those market 'bears' saying.

You'll notice that these are all Canadian companies, but in even this sample, we have 8 financial institutions. This means that by investing in this fund you are buying into alot of banks and insurance-type companies.

If this particular market segment tanks, you can expect the fund managers to either drop that lovely 10%+ distribution, or move the fund into different investments that may be more lucrative.

Tommorrow, I'll look at how this fund is able to pull of that beautiful 10% yield.

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