Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Tough Week, A Demanding Boss, & A Loss.


Jack's been having one hell of a week so far.

One of our oldest cats had been laying on the floor, in pain obviously. I petted him a bit before the girlfriend took him to the vet, and I left for work. I received a text message an hour later that he 'had' cancer. It wasn't even said that they put him down. I miss him immensely.

I felt awful at work. It was one of those day that just make you want to walk out the door, telling you boss that he needs to get the hell out of your way. And that every single customer that calls your phone is going to get sub-par service, even if you don't mean to take it out on them.

I went to my folks, and had a light dinner. I wasn't hungry. We talked about things, idle chatter, really, and it helped me feel a little better.

Labour work day, taking boxes up and downstairs. Frantic rushing to get orders done, working with parts that are flimsy and prone to break. Using tools purchased for price and not functionality.

I finally got the order done, a small prize in an otherwise agrivating day.

First thing, my boss comes down to tell me that I am not charging our customers enough for service calls. "Anything over 5 minutes is a $200 yearly contract!".

The products they call for support on are worth less then $500. Who in their right mind is going to pay almost half the cost of a product for support! They'll just buy a new one - from our competitors.

*shakes head*

On a lighter note,
I read 'The Richest man in Babylon' yesterday. It's quite a good (abet short) book about nuts and bolts financial success in ancient times. I liked the characters, and the morals are all pretty decent. I sometimes found the language difficult to decipher, and it would often get in the way of my understanding the events correctly. I would still recommend it, though.

I'm also reading "The Wealthy Barber" at the moment. I would likely agree with the general 'internet consensus' that it's required reading for those beginning in personal finance (or anyone over the age of 10).
It's books like these that can really provide some clear, easy-to-understand insight into personal finance. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone, and everyone, pick them up at the library or inexpensively online.

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