Monday, October 3, 2011

Dividend Income Update - October 2011

This month, I jumped in on some more SLF (Sunlife Financial) because I believe them to be a bargain price for such a well-run financial firm.

I purchased 45 units at $24, which makes the $.36 quarterly dividend approximately a 6% yield. I believe this to be excellent for a company that has never dropped it's dividends.

This month is probably going to be one of my slowest months ever for dividends. Add that to the fact that the weather is pretty rainy and depressing makes for more of a slog then a slide into dividend-funded happiness.

I'm going to add an additional Dividend Income Update for the end of October, and show what I truly received as opposed to what I'm estimating to receive this month like I am here.

Here's hoping that I'm able to add another great position this month! :-D

Equity (Stock, Bond, ETF, etc) Amount (In Shares) Dividends Paid This Month
Artis REIT (AX.UN) 200 $18
Canadian REIT(REF.UN) 1 $.12
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 1 $.70
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) 1 $.52
Emera Inc. (EMA) 1 $.33
Pengrowth Energy (PGF) 1 $.7

Total Dividends for month of October: $19.74

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