Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hate working? Invest in passive income!

I'd like to talk about why I put nearly 85% of my income into passive income investments.

The fact of that matter is: I hate working.

I dislike the idea of being under someones thumb so much, that I will suffer in a dead-end, decent wage job for a long time, if it means I wont have to work for someone else ever again.

Every time I plunk down some of my paycheque on a passive investment, I feel like a little piece of me has ascended away from the daily 'rat race' toil, and if I just sock a little more away, I just might be able to get away from the god-forsaken hell that is full-time work.

So, I watch my investments, I view the market as a key to a problem that I have never been able to solve - Living without having to work for that living.

Will my $19.74 this October allow me to live without a care? No.

But it will make a small difference, and if enough of those small differences stack up, it just might allow me to live the way I've always wanted:

Professionally Unemployed.


  1. I am currently renting and want to buy a home of my own. The housing market where I live is very expensive - Vancouver, B.C. Would I be better off investing my money and waiting longer or should I save as much as I can and jumping into the real estate game as soon as possible?? Thanks. Anna.

  2. Professionally Unemployed.

    I like that!

    That's my #1 goal in life as well.

    Best of luck!

  3. I think it's a great over-arching goal to aim for!

    Here's hoping that I can get there before I'm grey!