Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I hate my job

I hate my job.

I have to get up early. I have to dress a specific way. I have to deal with big stressful issues. I have to speak with my boss that looks at me like an expense on his balance sheet. I am demeaned.

I hate my job.

But if I step back, and look at my problems with 'this job', the issues are really central to most jobs.

1) Time demands - Jobs require you to sacrifice time for money.
2) Appearance demands - You have to wear uniforms or suits or special 'gear'.
3) Stress demands - You have to deal with problems, and often, solve them with your own ingenuity.
4) Sub-ordinance demands - You have to answer to someone, and do what they say.

For me, the subordinate demands are what get me.
I don't like being under anyone's thumb, be it a boss, or a co-worker. I strongly disagree with being demeaned and put to meaningless tasks.

But almost every job has 'bosses'. Even with my self-employment business, the customers are my bosses, commanding me to perform.

Some days I feel up to the tasks, heck, even revel in the challenge. But most days, I am tired. Worn out. I simply don't want to be told what to do by anyone.

This is why I work so hard - to escape from this vicious cycle.

This is why I can't understand people that spend to 'get away' from their job stresses. To get away from your job stresses, you have to get away from your job, not the 'stress' of the job.

By spending money, you are in-debting yourself to your work even more, forcing yourself to work for the things you never needed in the first place.

Save your money - Invest it smartly - Make your money work for you - Retire early - Work when you want, not when others do.

And most of all - Don't spend money to get away from your job stress. Work towards getting away from your job!

(I actually Googled 'Make money work for you' to find a suitable link, but the first twenty links were sales pitches for mutual funds. *sad-face*)

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