Friday, August 19, 2011

Earning Jack

Recently, I was asked why my blog is called 'Earning Jack'.

Well, it's really very simple:

I'm not earning very much (Jack, in-fact), and scrambling to earn more and save more so that I can reach my crossover point sooner.

And hey, I am a Jack-of-all-trades, with my interests bouncing around so much, so it fits quite nicely.

I'm continually trying to build my side business, and live off of the proceeds of that, and save every dime of my full-time job wages into my investments to maximize the outcomes of them.

Will it be able to do it?

Well, I believe that as long as the TSX doesn't completely implode in the next 15 years, I'll be just fine.

Curious where I've invested?

I'll be starting a new series called: "Earning Jack on my Investments" very soon. Stay tuned.

Do you want to write full time, but can't due to financial considerations?
How do you fit writing into your schedule?
Let me know! :) 

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