Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Look, Less Filling

So, how do you all like the new look?

I've tweaked it a bit, spiffed it up, and now we're getting where I've been wanting to go - attractive, and less... 'Gothic'.

I've also changed the name, to make it more in-line with my personal goals / feelings about the blog.

I've added some linkage on the side, if you want to share 'Earning Jack'. with your friends. Go Ahead. Maybe they'll even like it.

I'm also going to provide a 'net worth' guage on the sidebar, so you can see how I am doing, month to month.

I always love seeing other people's financial lives, and I feel (possible foolishly) fairly confident about my current set of financial decisions.

Plus, a little oversight never killed anyone. Right?

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