Monday, April 25, 2011

Edge of the World will be incorporated into 'Mark of the Lonemen'

Well, I've decided that my next book 'Mark of the Lonemen' will use the content of Edge of the World. I will be taking it down from smash words momentarily so that I won't have the same content up here twice.

Not that I will use the content wholesale, no, I will be vastly revising and changing it, based on the fact that I am now reading Barry Eisler's Fault Lines, and I really love his style, and will be trying to bring some of his... 'in the momentness' into 'Mark'.

I also bought a few of his books on the Easter weekend, and they are truly hard to put down. I was hoping to get into the rain series, but I don't like to come into a series half-way (the store only had 'Rain Storm'), so I will be reading through 'Fault Lines' and it's sequel.

I will also be using my more popular name instead of Brien Miller; this will help people that want to read my stuff actually find it. I'm fairly confident that I am shooting myself in the foot by making my content harder to find.

Anyways, I will be posting excepts of 'Mark of the Lonemen' up here from time to time but I hope to have it ready for release in the coming months. Stay tuned.

EDIT: It seems my real name actually IS quite popular, and I am unable to get it as a unique identity on twitter, so I'm thinking it's just easier to stay with the Brien Miller persona for my Lonemen series of books. Hope you guys don't mind :-)...

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