Saturday, April 9, 2011

Edge of the World: A Lonemen short story is Submitted!

A very exciting step into the authoring world! So, I have submitted the final version of the short story I have been working for the past several weeks. It features a few faces from my upcoming novel "Mark of the Lonemen", as well as the introduction of a new player in the lonemen saga. Edge of the World takes place at a point between "Mark of the Lonemen" and the next, as yet unnamed book in the series.

The readers will be briefly be introduced to Jayson and Roric, whom are interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious assailant. Will our duo's blood be spilled? Will they find out who would pull the strings behind such a violent attack?

I'll post the links for this Free edition of "Edge of the World" as soon as it's available, so that everyone can enjoy this rollicking little adventure on the western coasts of the lands of the Lonemen.

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