Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back from the dead

It's been some time since I've posted.

This is primarily due to the fact that I was in a major motor vehicle accident.

My car was totaled, and I was moderately injured.
I've been in physiotherapy to regain my full range of motion in my arms and neck for the last couple months. My job was so kind as to lay me off during this period (sarcasm), as they did not take my injury seriously.

Out of all this, I am frankly happy to still be alive, and to have all of my body parts. I was told several times by several people that I was very lucky to have survived so unscathed, and that if the odds were a little different, I would have been decapitated by the hood of my car, as it sliced through my windshield like a hot knife through butter.

It's a very strange feeling to have come so very close to death. And not a foreseeable death, like cancer or another relatively 'slow' disease, but in such a sudden, and dramatic fashion.

Sometimes, late at night, I have nightmares about what would have happened, if my girlfriend, and my parents, were called to identify me, my head hanging to my body by a thread, my neck the equivalent of ground beef.

It's truly terrifying.

Well, that said, I was given severance from my job, and my placement for my welding training has been moved up (March 26,2012), and it's now in the evening, so I can also attempt to hold down a part-time day job to trying and get some money coming in. These are both good things.

I've also decided that I'm going to start filming a series of short video posts that allow me to more fully describe my investment ideas that I am able to on this blog.

I've always found it easier to talk then to type, so I feel it's a natural extension of my work here. I hope that you readers will find it entertaining and educational, and as always, feel free to comment on here, (or the video's themselves) if you have any thoughts or ideas.

Thanks for baring with me through my absence - I've been having a really hard time this last while, but I'm confident in the future - Both of this blog, and life in general.

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