Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm hotter then the sun...

Or, at least I feel like it.

I'm pretty much really sick, and as I write this at my desk, people fly around the office as if on rails. Big contracts and tons of sales. It's really very overwhelming for me, tucked away in the corner, watching it fly by, high on advil.

I haven't written much of anything. And I even missed my last 'writers club' meetup. I still feel bad about it, but I declined my invite and slept instead. I'm juggling both my full-time job, my repair business, my e-bay store, and my relationship. Overwhelmed indeed.

But, I have been reading quite a bit - including , and several other financial advice blogs. I'm trying my best to use all of the techniques that I can.

I've tailored back my cell-phone plan, saving about $120 a year
I'm going to cut my gym membership - I do go on occation, but my girlfriend on the account does not. Before the cancellation fee, it costs over $750 a year.

I have also recently switched to primarily raw-food vegan diet, but I eat 'normally' when I go out to my family and friends, so they aren't uncomfortable. I've actually lost around 10 pounds. Part of me wonders if my sudden illness has come about from malnutrition.

I'm looking at getting an apartment. I actually broached the subject with my partner, and she seemed to like the idea, so that's great.

I figure that we'll get something small, and then rent it out for a year or two to help get the principle down. I know that she doesn't want to move away from her mother, who is very close by currently, so having the apartment, with a mortgage at the current lower interest rate is a good compromise.

I promised myself that I would take some time to get back into writing. I am working too much, and writing too little.

Hopefully dotting out some events in this blog will help that come to fruition.

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