Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An interesting e-book for authors (or screenwriters!)

I was purusing the internet ( when I came upon a book that (gasp!) claimed to provide advice for writing!

i immidiately dove into the free section of the book, and from what I'm seeing so far, it's pretty much a smash hit for anyone that's just starting to write (such as myself).

The author Alexandra Sokoloff, provides a clear, concise grouping of activites and guide-steps to provide the writer with a strong foundation, as well as a clear concept of how to plot all the major points in one's book into easy to follow chunks. This makes it A TON easier to write, because you can always have a general idea of where your story is going, and alter it later without completely destorying everything you've already wrote (which happens to me more then not.)

Check it out on Smashwords!

I would highly recommend it, and for less then a tiny cup of starbucks, it's worth it!


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what happened to your story (Edge of the World) that was on Smashwords? Why did you take it down only two months after publishing it?


  2. Hi pinky,

    I decided I wanted to make it into something longer and better.
    I have since developed several more chapters that both expand and flesh out the general concept. I'm working on getting it to the point where it's long enough to release as a novel / novella.
    I honestly didn't think anyone had read it (or cared to read it) for that matter.

    Should I release some of the updated chapters ?